Today I was interviewed by a prospective coachee who was seeking a life coach who could help her build the life she has envisioned for herself for many years, but somehow has been unable to construct.  As we spoke, I heard the frustration in her voice and wondered . . . how many of us struggle with this very same frustration on a daily basis? 

Whether this issue strikes a chord with you or not, each of us does have a different take on how satisfied we are with where we are in our life’s dreams/ambition/goals.  As each new year approaches, we often find ourselves questioning:  What if I had majored in the field my mom and dad wanted me to study? Would I be more financially stable?  Would I be less happy?  Would my life be more complete? Would I have worked myself into an early grave? Would I have ever had the opportunity to spend as much time as I do with my spouse and children? Would my children have been happier with a father and mother who earn more money but spend less time with them? 

Wherever you find yourself along that path, be sure to work a little bit of happiness into your day.  It doesn’t have to be structured, it’s just got to be there.  Eventually you might be surprised to find that you feel much more satisfied with where you are.  Let me give you an example.  I have a huge commute every day to work these days, and I find this “happiness rule” to be very tricky, so today at lunch I wrote holiday cards to my relatives, and at my break I “Tweeted” twice.  Every card I wrote made me smile, and my “Tweets” made me grin from ear to ear. 

Some days, I don’t have to work the happiness in, it just “happens.”  Last night, before bed, my son, a typical 14-year-old teen, asked that I wake him up early enough to go spend time with the two cats our family is responsible for cat-sitting this week.  I didn’t think he’d really get up, but to my surprise he popped out of bed like a daisy and reported back to his older sister that if she’d have done the same, she’d have had an opportunity to bond with our neighbor’s kitten, too.  Who knew?  Getting him up by 6:30 is difficult.  But his popping out of bed voluntarily is practically a miracle.  It’s these little miracle that I relish the most.  So keep your heart and your eyes open. When you least expect it, maybe a tiny miracle will make your day, too.


About Gelbart-Jaffe Coaching

Hospice Chaplain and Life Coach Associate Clinical Chaplaincy Certification February 2015. Proficient Life Coach Certification December 2010.
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