Beware the New Order

As we watch the upheavals in the Middle East, we all seem to be holding our breath.  Why?  Because we worry about the outcome.  What outcome?  Look at Egypt.  They asked for a democracy similar to America’s and what did they get?  A seemingly Islamic Brotherhood-driven military machine bent on rolling back all the agreements it ever had with Israel (the only American-like democracy in the region).

In Iraq, we tried to put democracy in place, and what do we see?  Shiites killing Sunnis.  In Afghanistan, we see so much killing and rolling back of rights for women and imposition of Sharia law that one can barely remember that we went in there to give women more opportunities.

The fundamentalist Christians of America are preparing for the world to come to an end beginning sometime this year and ending next year — What they most likely will see instead is the post-World War II planet as we know it will vanish as we see Sharia law settle into the Gaza Strip, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, and Iraq, all those nations currently in upheaval with no blueprint for governing their newly democratized nations. 

Women will become second-class citizens even more radically than they already are, and non-Muslims will not be welcome there.  We are already seeing this in Egypt.  It’s coming, and what we need to know is how can we, as a civilized people, progressive, forward-moving, working toward equality for all peoples regardless of race, religion or sexual preference, stop it?

As a life coach, I have only one response — We can’t — But what we can do is teach, teach, teach.  We must teach the world that rolling back the hands of time so as to take away equal rights for women and put Sharia law in place will only bring back the Dark Ages, not a modernization of the population or progress of any sort.  We must remind those nations that men are only walking this Earth because their mothers gave them life and they carry 50% of their mother’s DNA, which means they must respect their mothers in equal proportion to their fathers.  Religion was created to teach us how to live a life connected to one another in a healthy way, as well as to God.  It was not created to teach hate.  We must remind them of this purpose, for hate only begets hate, hate begets destruction and darkness.

As the world’s teachers, we must push for equality, for it is because of equality that America is so wonderful — Who knows, together we may be able to change the world for the better, keep the hands of time moving forward, and prevent a new Dark Age.


About Gelbart-Jaffe Coaching

Hospice Chaplain and Life Coach Associate Clinical Chaplaincy Certification February 2015. Proficient Life Coach Certification December 2010.
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