Finding Happiness

Truly what the Middle Eastern peoples seem to be doing is seeking happiness — but happiness is a very difficult term to wrap one’s heart, soul and mind around. Merriam Webster does it well on-line with “A state of well-being and contentment.”  The residents of those nations in turmoil feel they will be able to  establish happiness by replacing their current government with a new one — but the problem in actuality is that there is much, much more, and it is different for every man, woman and child.

First and foremost what makes you happy may not make me happy, and so forth.  Happiness comes from the inside and works its way out.  If happiness is a life goal, one must work to create it.  As we all see in the tabloids and newspapers, money and fame don’t necessarily bring happiness — On the contrary.  We read daily about celebrities and politicians who have more money than you or I could ever imagine, but they are clearly not happy because they are busy overdosing, going into rehab, being jailed for drunk driving, and involved in domestic disputes.

Realistically happiness is what everyone seeks.  Celebrities and non-celebrities alike all want it, and have trouble finding it.  Working towards happiness requires planning.  One must determine what it is that is missing, categorize the importance of the missing pieces, then work in a step by step fashion towards filling those gaps.  It is a lifetime process, and cannot be established overnight with implementation of a new government. 

One must first turn inward and look inside one’s soul – start with a clean slate and with no preconceived notions.  Don’t let someone tell you what you need.  Deep within you, you already know.  Write it down.  Make charts, diagrams, whatever you need, but definitely look thoroughly in every nook and cranny of yourself to figure out what you are really seeking.  Once you’ve categorized the issues, get started.  Don’t make deadlines, but do develop goals and dates at which you’d like to have achieved certain milestones. 

Once you’ve achieved one goal, be sure to celebrate that achievement, and don’t stop.  Turn towards your original internal nook and cranny self-evaluative research.  Ask yourself how achieving that goal has affected your goals.  If you need to re-evaluate your goals, take the time to re-evaluate them.   Feel free as you go through this process in life to re-write your goals and re-configure your charts and diagrams.  You are growing as a human being every day, and you need to be aware of how well you are doing.  Good luck, and don’t procrastinate.  Happiness awaits!


About Gelbart-Jaffe Coaching

Hospice Chaplain and Life Coach Associate Clinical Chaplaincy Certification February 2015. Proficient Life Coach Certification December 2010.
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