Harnessing the Power of Love

What is love?  Well, there are so many definitions, that what we can say without question is that “love” is what we feel it is in our heart, our soul, our entire being; and what we’re going to look at now is how we can harness those beautiful, powerful feelings to move us forward.

When we wake up, after having our breakfast, and as we take our shower, we can recite all the things that we love about that day, starting with “I love the fact that I have another day.”  

From there, we can make it personal: “I love and appreciate the following people in my life . . . and go down the list.”  

Then we can list all of the animals we’ve ever loved, whether they are here with us or with Our Creator, having passed through this life’s journey and affected us so deeply that our love for them remains.  

Moving on to a more mundane love, we can recite all the things we’ve ever done that we really love doing, from learning how to ride a bike, to baking, gardening, rock climbing, sailboating, lovemaking, anything that we appreciate so deeply that it makes us smile ear to ear just thinking about and makes our heart race with anticipation.

Now as we move through our day, and we experience things that aren’t necessarily uplifting, we can turn back to our lists, recite them in our minds, and use those reminders to pull us over those “not-so-good” moments.  Let’s take an example:  You’re at work, you just turned in a report to your supervisor for which you were extremely proud.  An hour or two later, you get it back all marked up, and you aren’t feeling very good about it.  First, love the fact that you have a job, appreciate this day and all the people and things that make you happy, and know that so many thousands of people worldwide would love to be in your shoes.  Know that your work is extremely valuable, and that had you not done all the research you did, and spent all the time you did authoring that report, that supervisor would have nothing to move your section/group/business forward.  You did it, so love and appreciate that fact, because facts are facts.  It’s all because of your hard work, dedication, motivation and effort that there was a report to edit in the first place.  Look at what you did right and love yourself for it.  Your research was terrific!  Your citations were awesome!  Focus on what’s right about your day, that moment, that minute, and let all the not-so-terrific moments pass by, because what matters most is you love yourself for everything you do right.

As far as the things we don’t do very well . . . they can go on our “Things to Improve list.” And what can we love about that list?  We can love the fact that we aren’t blind to the things we need to work on, because that means we are honest, courageous people who recognize that there is always room for improvement, and that is yet another thing that we can love about ourselves.   

Love is a very powerful tool that can move us through so many pitfalls in life, that we mustn’t forget to harness it. . . after all, that’s what it was created for.


About Gelbart-Jaffe Coaching

Hospice Chaplain and Life Coach Associate Clinical Chaplaincy Certification February 2015. Proficient Life Coach Certification December 2010.
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