ImagePeople ask me frequently why God would let this horrible thing happen, or that horrible thing happen, and what I’d like to share with my readers is first of all, we have no way of knowing God’s Plan, or whether what happens to us is part of it.

What we do know is that the Kabbalists believe that the soul is eternal, and that once God creates that soul, that soul moves from Life on Earth to Life in Heaven over and over again until that soul has grown to be the beautiful Divine essence of a being God intended.

During that soul’s journey from this realm to the next and back again, that soul will experience many things, both good and bad.  Some of the things that soul encounters are intended to help it discern what is expected of him/her; some of the things just happen, and are not intended.

Everything our soul experiences, whether planned or unplanned, we have the opportunity to gain from.  Whether our soul learns, expands its horizons, and reaches the objectives God set out for us, is entirely up to us.

We each have free will.  We can choose to learn, to grow, to set out to do those things that contribute to our accomplishing the objectives God set out for us, or we can choose not to. That is our choice.

My prayer for Our World is that we all choose to learn from everything we experience, whether planned or unplanned, whether good or bad, so that at the end of this life journey, we can all look back and be grateful for it all, because one way or another, we did learn, we did grow, and that learning, that growth, is what God’s plan is all about.

About Gelbart-Jaffe Coaching

Hospice Chaplain and Life Coach Associate Clinical Chaplaincy Certified Proficient Life Coach
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