Walking with Angels

ImageYesterday I visited with a family who is coming together to support and be present for their matriarch’s return to God. While this would normally be totally devastating, in this instance, quite the opposite is true.  This woman’s soul has been trapped for over 10 years in a body which has been devoid of any and all ability to interact with her loved ones. This condition arose due to a rare neurodegenerative brain disease.

When this illness first set in, this resident would do and say very strange things, and although her family knew of her condition, there was nothing they could do to prevent its destructive effects.  According to this resident’s sister, this woman was the most intelligent, philosophical, and wise of all her five siblings.  She was a woman of wit and music, a mother, a wife, an overachiever, a product of the Women’s Liberation Movement and flower child.  I had been visiting with her for over a year not knowing any of these things.  All I knew about her till then was that she enjoyed listening to me sing her sweet, old melodies.  I knew this because when I sang, her spasms would slow, she would seem to listen, and when I would bid her farewell, she’d almost appear to thank me with her warm, dark eyes.

Last week her family shared these amazing facts with me, and as we prayed holding hands encircling her, we asked that God grant her an easy journey home, so that she will finally be able to once again walk among angels such as herself, continue doing God’s work, and be everything God sees her soul capable of becoming.


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Hospice Chaplain and Life Coach Associate Clinical Chaplaincy Certification February 2015. Proficient Life Coach Certification December 2010.
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  1. karmami says:

    Very moving experience. .thanks for sharing

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