If God Left an Ethical Will to Humanity . . .

. . . it may say:

My Dear Children,

Though I may seem far away, please remember that I am always nearby.

Know that I love each and every one of you, and that I consider each of you my precious child(ren).

Know that I made you each different, yet the same, with your own special set of gifts that you are to use to learn, grow and improve yourself and humanity.

Ethical WillKnow that I made you keepers of Planet Earth because you are the most capable of all my creatures, and thus I expect you to share its riches one with the other for the benefit of the ALL.

Know that in order to grow your soul/essence/being, you must begin by recognizing your own woundedness, and work to heal those wounds, for with that healing comes transformation of the ALL.

Know that as you walk in human form, your are to open your eyes, your ears, your heart and soul to the sounds of life each and every day beginning with your very own heartbeat.

Know that although each of you must walk a distinctly unique path, all of your paths are interconnected.

Know that because you are connected one to the other, when one of you slays another, you are essentially injuring not just that life form, but yourself and the ALL.

Recognize and teach that no life should ever be taken because of (wo)mankind’s different pathways to Me, because every path is purposefully varied, and that I love no one path more than the other.

Recognize that every living creature and every piece of Earth and sky is to be cared for with absolute love, that Earth’s resources are not endless, and that I hold each and every one of you responsible for managing those resources well enough to provide for all of (wo)mankind’s needs from generation to generation.

Recognize that your collective hearts beat as ONE with the SAME PURPOSE: to grow into the loving, strong, confident, empathic spiritual beings I know you capable of becoming.

Use your collective heart to care for the stranger with as much love as you would care for yourself.

Know that if you do all these things, you will not only transform the Earth’s deserts into gardens, and humanity into the ALL that is the ONE, but you will become exactly what you were meant to be.


About Gelbart-Jaffe Coaching

Hospice Chaplain and Life Coach Associate Clinical Chaplaincy Certified Proficient Life Coach
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