Choosing Love Over Hate

the Love CardThe world is falling into a deep, dark pit of religious-based hate.

That pit is overflowing with the blood of all peoples of all faiths.

But that was not G-d’s purpose in wiring us to seek Him.

It was so that we’d know we’re never alone. That G-d’s always near . . .

. . . as a loving Guide, a second Father/Mother, another set of hands to hold, arms to enfold.

So that as we work on bettering ourselves

. . . on caring for the Earth, its creatures and each other.

So that we feel His/Her presence

. . . G-d’s loving support

. . . helping us learn how to transform ourselves into that incredible being that G-d intends us to be.

Do not fall into that pit of hate.

The stench is repugnant.

It is filled with death.

Choose to learn, to understand . . .

. . . that each of us has our own path to G-d.

Share that knowledge with your children.

Banish ignorance

Extinguish intolerance.

Teach that our differences make us unique.

That that is why G-d gives us rainbows. . .

. . . so that we can enjoy each color individually — yet together as each hue sits alongside a very different shade within the very same arc.

That is peaceful coexistence.

Be that rainbow — uniquely you.

Illuminate the world with that loving knowledge and understanding.

Bury forever the evil, death-filled pit of intolerance.

Make religious-based hate as extinct as the dinosaur . . .

. . .before humanity finds it, too, is extinct.


About Gelbart-Jaffe Coaching

Hospice Chaplain and Life Coach Associate Clinical Chaplaincy Certification February 2015. Proficient Life Coach Certification December 2010.
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One Response to Choosing Love Over Hate

  1. Pamela Sue Shapiro says:

    I do not know which came first: self-loathing or hate for others; but I do believe they are connected. Personally, I take great care to not hold anger, let alone hate, in my heart. I believe it poisons our soul. And I have my own self-interest at heart, as well. I want to live a joyous life, experiencing the true knowledge and peace of HaShem.

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