The Angels in our Midst

Abraham Pishevar - Head ShotIn life, we meet certain people whom we come to know as angels among us. Whether we consciously recognize their uniqueness when we are with them or not, what we do take away after spending time with them is a joyous, happy, blessed feeling. Two of those people, Abraham Pishevar (18) and Lori Jeanne White Wills (55), were part of our family’s lives until this past week, when G-d called them both home; Abraham through accident, and Lori through cancer.

Our family came to know Abraham through our son, Scott; and Lori through family as our incredible cousin. Abraham was the sweetest, kindest, most empathetic young man I’ve ever had the honor and privilege of meeting; and Lori was equally sweet, kind and empathetic. Abraham strove always to meet every challenge that came his way in school, sports and home, and what he was able to accomplish in every aspect of life in his brief 18 years on this Earth was nothing short of miraculous. Lori was equally amazing. She strove always to save the world’s animals, and changed the lives of hundreds of families through her animal rescue work. They were both what I like to refer to as “Earth Angels,” souls that are gifted to humanity for a short period, and then called home.

Lori Jeann Looking AwesomeEvery time I’d see either Abraham or Lori, I’d come away knowing that I was just in the presence of a very special person. It is not often that G-d gives us the opportunity to walk with angels on Earth, but I am so thankful that G-d did. They each gave us so much while they were here; and as they return to G-d and prepare to take on their new responsibilities up above, all I have to say to Our Creator, to Abraham and to Lori is “Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.” I love you for you, for what you gave the world, myself and my family, and for the many incredible works you will both continue to do from your new abode.  

It was an honor to be a part of your lives, and to have you in ours. Your good deeds will continue through the lives you touched during your short stay here, and the world is a much better place because of you. May G-d continue to bless you both as your job description changes from that of an Earth Angel to a Heavenly Angel, and may everyone who had the opportunity to know you carry on your good works until they, too, find their job description changed from one involving Earthly endeavors to one of G-dly works. 




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Hospice Chaplain and Life Coach Associate Clinical Chaplaincy Certification February 2015. Proficient Life Coach Certification December 2010.
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