Chasing Peace

Tomer Peretz - The Unbreakable Collection

– The Unbreakable Collection – by Tomer Peretz

With news agencies working to report stories that build social media readership that seeks more “hits” and “clicks” rather than the truth, they have been failing to report both sides of the Israel-Hamas story for many years.

Tomer Peretz has, however, brought that story to the world in his “Unbreakable Collection,” depicting the truth: that both sides suffer — that the war between Israel and Hamas is a two-sided one, one that could end tomorrow if Hamas were ever to decide to lay down its arms, and share the Jewish values of rodef shalom (seeking peace) and tikkun olam (repairing the world).

Tomer Peretz

Tomer Peretz

May G-d bless Mr. Peretz in his effort to awaken the world, and may the world rise to the occasion and come to understand that Israel seeks peace, that Hamas seeks war — and that until Hamas seeks the same thing that Israel does: PEACE — the peoples of both the Lands of Israel and Gaza will continue to suffer together.

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