Time to Stop Ignoring Evil in the Name of Religion

Hamas video teaching children to shoot the jews

PalWatch Video – Teaching Religious-Based Hate

It seems the world is closing its eyes

Burying its head in the sand

Ignoring the overwhelming evil

Engulfing our planet, our land.

Evil creatures teaching hate

Claiming that murder is right

Yezidi sex slaves

RT Video on ISIS slave trade

Claiming rape and slavery are approved in the Good Lord’s sight

These monsters who are beheading, raping, and crucifying

are also selling children into slavery, this they’re not denying.

They claim that these evil deeds are done in the Name of the Lord

CNN Al Qaeda Crucifixions

CNN Video from YouTube

But how can they be so naive, when You’re a God of Love, not of the sword

You cherish each and every one of Your beautiful human children.

Caring only that we are good and upright men and women

Help us, Lord, to teach the world that You could never, ever condone

Christians Flee Iraq

SpecGuests YouTube Video – 200,000 Christians Flee Iraq in 24 Hours

Rape, murder, or slavery, for love is Your heart, Your home

Help humanity stop falling into this deathly backwards spiral

That’s taking away rights for women and children, like a deadly blackened tide pool,

Dear God, please disengage man’s head from beneath this blinding sand

1000 christians killed in 2 days

VexZeen YouTube Video – 1000 Christians killed in 2 days

Open their eyes to the evil before hate engulfs the entire world and all its lands

We do not want the apocalypse, we want a green and beautiful world

For our children and grandchildren to live in freedom and happiness unfurled

Help the world to see the truth — that RELIGION IS JUST A PATH

world kids

DreamsTime.com Royalty Free Stock Image

That leads us to You and to living with love without hatred or wrath

Life is but a moment, a chance for humanity to discover

That we can all be different, yet live peacefully with one another

For evil must not be left to fill the hearts of Your loving creations

For when it does, destruction reigns and mankind loses its foundations

Please, God, awaken the world to these backwards and deadly flings

Before humanity is lost forever in the destruction that this hate brings.


About Gelbart-Jaffe Coaching

Hospice Chaplain and Life Coach Associate Clinical Chaplaincy Certification February 2015. Proficient Life Coach Certification December 2010.
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