The Time Has Come

Hebrew Pocket Watch - Tucson Jewish History Museum

Hebrew Numeral Pocket Watch – Jewish History Museum – Tucson, Arizona

The time has come

For the world to recognize

That Jews are

not apes or pigs

but human beings

who, like everyone else

seek an opportunity to





raise a family

and grow old

Like everyone else

they strive to put

a roof over their heads

clothes on their backs

and food in their bellies

Like everyone else,

they see themselves

as individuals

as different from one another

as day and night

Like everyone else,

They pray for peace

not just for themselves

for the world

The time has come

for the world to recognize that

2000 years of libel

2000 years of slaughter is enough

We are but .2 percent of the world’s population

Even before the creation of the Jewish homeland

the Jews in the Middle East were




their homes taken

their land taken

their businesses taken

Forced out with only what they could carry

November 29, 1947,

the United Nations partitioned Jewish Palestine

Pieces here for Muslim tribes

Pieces there for Jews

But Israel’s neighbors objected

attacking the Jews in their midst

and attacking Israel

The Muslim tribal leaders

encouraged their people to evacuate,

to make the Jewish slaughter swifter, easier

So they left

Hoping to return to a Land Without Jews

Resulting in a population swap

The two-state solution could have been in 1947

But Israel’s neighbors opposed it then

and oppose it now

rejecting every offer


100% annihilation of Israel

and World Jewry

is the only peace they will settle for

as set forth in Hamas’ Covenant


The time has come

for the world to accept Israel

as the Jewish homeland

to speak out against all forms of genocide

even Jewish genocide

2000 years of libel

2000 years of hate

2000 years of slaughter

cannot wipe away its Jewish history

The time has come to stop the slaughter

Stop the libel

Stop the hate

The time has come

For the world to stand

for peace

in the Holy Land

in the world

for all peoples

against terror

The time has come

to stop faith-based







The time has come

To accept people as people

Love one another as people

Build a world for all people

For people are people

forever and always

The time has come

By Chaplain Tamar



About Gelbart-Jaffe Coaching

Hospice Chaplain and Life Coach Associate Clinical Chaplaincy Certification February 2015. Proficient Life Coach Certification December 2010.
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