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Our minds are our hard drive. Let us input its information wisely And build human-kindness From the inside out. By Chaplain Tamar 5.21.15

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Finding Inner Peace

Inner peace comes in knowing that your life has had meaning: whether you were a gardener, a mayor, a janitor, the President of a Nation a doctor, a nurse or a trash collector. You mattered Therein lies the peace. By … Continue reading

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Unique – Yet the Same

Although each of us is a unique soul, we share much sameness. It is that combination that enables us to shine light inwardly into our souls and outwardly towards the world. That is the kaleidoscope of (wo)mankind’s soul. May each … Continue reading

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The Journey

Each of us is unique one from the other. As unique beings, each of our journeys is distinctly our own, May each of our journeys be filled with love And may our combined loving journey illuminate the Earth. Chaplain Tamar … Continue reading

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Prayer for Healing by Chaplain Tamar

Dear God, I/we come to you on this day with loving prayers for the well-being of my/our loved one, _________ . As you know, (s)he is working hard to get well, and the road (s)he/we have been traveling hasn’t been … Continue reading

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The Mysteries of Life

When mankind stops allowing hate and testosterone to be his guide, and turns instead to his love, intellect, reason and compassion for guidance, then he will discover that the many mysteries of life that seemed so elusive were not elusive … Continue reading

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Honorable Pursuit

Stand up for what you believe in with honor, respecting all persons, places and things when doing so, for just causes deserve honorable pursuit and moral pursuers. Do this in loving memory of all those for whom you seek justice, … Continue reading

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