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Rainbows & Promises

When God gave us rainbows, (S)He made (wo)mankind a promise Now it’s up to us to promise God that we will love one another as much as (S)He does, Regardless of the color in the rainbow that speaks to each … Continue reading

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Don’t blink too darn fast, or you’ll miss all the vast highs and lows that come and go close your eyes oh so slow like the river waterflow drink it in, all of life the happiness and strife Give hugs every … Continue reading

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The Fireflies in June

The fireflies, they come in June Flitting here and there Transforming the night into tiny flashlights Exhilarating Real Transforming grass into carpet-light and the trees into Christmas-in-June That tiny bit of flying moonlight Then slips away like a sweet memory Leaving us … Continue reading

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Is It Magic?

Is it magic in the morning that awakens the birds with song? Is it magic in the morning that opens the flower buds’ arms? Is it magic in the morning that drops dew upon the grass? Or could it be … Continue reading

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Deadly Silence

Religious cleansing of entire Christian populations is taking place throughout the Arab world. And the world stands silent. Marital rape, wife beating and honor killings are permitted by law in Jordan and other sharia nations And the world stands silent. People … Continue reading

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Eyes of brown, blue, green and black Skin of yellow, tan, brown, black and white Hair of red, brown, black, yellow and white This is the Beautiful Amazing Incredible kaleidoscope that is (wo)mankind Let us rejoice in our kaleidoscope For … Continue reading

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Accumulate friends family wisdom and good deeds and your home will never be cluttered with things, but filled with love By Chaplain Tamar 6.18.15

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Too Late?

It’s never too late to pull out the hate from the core of your being and replace it with everlasting love It’s never too late By Chaplain Tamar 6.15.15

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Never be afraid to fail. Never be afraid to try again. Be resilient. By Chaplain Tamar 6/14/15

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Be proud of who you are, freckles curls lumps bumps pimples blotches wrinkles spider and varicose veins red, yellow, brown or white skin white, red, brown, or black hair tall short thin fat Because you are so much more More … Continue reading

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