A Chasm of Darkness

Death to America - MEMRI video of Khamenei

MEMRI-TV Khamenei Reaffirms “Death to America” July 2015

A chasm of darkness has enveloped our land

As America allies itself with the terrorist nation: Iran

A regime whose leaders have stated that

Destroying Israel is NOT NEGOTIABLE, yet

We Americans sit back and watch it all

Doing nothing but complain as we watch our nation fall

Into a chasm of darkness that

Will make World War II look like a backyard spat

Oh, Dear Lord, please help us, do

Stop the suffocating evil this agreement brews

To hand billions over to a terrorist regime

That has stated Israel and America’s annihilation is what they mean

As soon as they can build enough bombs

To destroy minorities and spread Islamic Caliphate throngs

To every corner of Planet Earth

Including America, which to them has no worth

Oh, Dear Lord, please help us, do,

Show us how to stop this evil stew

For P5+1 know not what they have done

Enabling Iran to grow and become

A nuclear-enabled terrorist nation

Which has stated they intend the entire cremation

Of America and Israel, two democratic lands

Oh, Dear Lord, show us how to thwart their evil plans

For an Islamic Caliphate world does nothing more

Than to stop the loving rainbow that humanity pours

Across the world in all its diversity

People of all colors and religions who see

Differences as beautiful qualities

So that in God and mankind we can all believe

That rainbows are what God loves the most

As He created us different, yet the same, and always boasts

How much He loves our qualities

The way we like to see things all so differently

Shed light on this darkness, help us renew

The ideals upon which Israel and America grew

To seek peace and harmony for everyone

Woman, man, daughter, son

Help us stop this chasm of darkness

That threatens our world, our nation, and our ally’s fortress.

Chaplain Tamar



About Gelbart-Jaffe Coaching

Hospice Chaplain and Life Coach Associate Clinical Chaplaincy Certification February 2015. Proficient Life Coach Certification December 2010.
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