Tammy Mama’s Fourth God Story – Divine Intervention

When I was a little girl

My mother used to tell us how

On an icy, snowy night in Omaha, Nebraska

She was driving her car

When she hit black ice

How the car then began sliding rapidly

Down a very steep hill

Completely out of control

Towards a very, very large tree

She, and the other girls in the car, braced for impact

They knew that was probably going to be the end

They screamed and held one another tightly

When suddenly the car stopped

Next to the tree

Not a dent in the car

The only dent

Was in the teens’ realization

That life is fleeting



They all knew

My mother hadn’t stopped the car

Some other force had

And they recognized that something miraculous had occurred

Something . . .

. . . like divine intervention

Chaplain Tamar



About Gelbart-Jaffe Coaching

Hospice Chaplain and Life Coach Associate Clinical Chaplaincy Certification February 2015. Proficient Life Coach Certification December 2010.
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