Godly, Angelic Moments Thanksgiving Week

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This week twas Thanksgiving

Like most hospice chaplains, I was working

Visiting my patients

Spiritually supporting them and their families

One of my favorite patients was going fast

She knew she may not see me again

And she said, “Thank you. Thank you for everything,”

To which I responded, “Thank you. Thank you for everything, and most especially thank you for being you,”

Because, in all honesty, she was the most faithful, courageous, God-loving soul I have ever come across . . .

And instead of saying “good-bye,” like I tell all my patients who are preparing for the journey home, I said, “Until we meet again,” because I believe that, God willing, we will meet again in heaven.

Thanksgiving night, as I was brushing my teeth, suddenly I felt her there with me, heard her name, and got a glimpse of her smiling face . . . she had come to let me know that she had made the journey home . . .

Twas such a Godly, angelic moment . . . I will never forget . . .

The afternoon before Thanksgiving, I was called to the room of a new patient who was surrounded by 12 loving family members and friends, each standing vigil, wanting to give back to the patient some of the gifts she had given them.

After those present shared their stories of this amazing woman, I prayed holding her hand, and as soon as I’d finished the prayer, I turned to the family and asked if anyone wanted to add anything. No one did, so I turned to the patient, who had not said anything in a very long time, and whose eyes were already dimming, “That’s the way you want to be remembered, isn’t it?” when out of nowhere, this non-responsive woman mustered the strength to let out a great “Harrumph,” and visibly nodded in the affirmative, at which point several of the family members jumped and began to cry.

Twas such a Godly, angelic moment . . . I will never forget . . .

And to wind up this Thanksgiving week, I went to see a patient whose family is struggling to cope with their loved one’s decline, so I prayed with them all and gave them each a blessing, after which I noticed their dog standing vigil at the foot of the patient’s bed, so I stooped down and gave the dog a blessing, too. A few minutes later, as I was preparing to leave, the dog came over to me, stretched his body out, put his two front legs completely out with both of his paws on my feet and then visibly tucked his head down, as if to say, “Thank you,” which took the next-of-kin so much aback that she said, “I’ve never seen him do that — to anyone — ever . . .”

Twas such a Godly, angelic moment . . . I will never forget . . .

During my pastoral training I was taught that God’s angels are closer to us when we are ill . . .than at any other time in our lives.

These three Thanksgiving week pastoral visits

Speak to that teaching

That God’s angels are there

Comforting us

Helping us

People ask me all the time how I can be a hospice chaplain

To which I must answer in truth:

I feel blessed to do this work

Though it may seem sad

In reality it is an opportunity to bring peace

To those that seek it

When they need it most.

I am forever grateful

That God’s angels are there . . .


I am forever humbled,

Forever grateful

To them

And to Our Creator.

May the Almighty continue to

Guide, Comfort, Raise Up and Walk with Each of us

When we need Him/Her the most.


Chaplain Tamar





About Gelbart-Jaffe Coaching

Hospice Chaplain and Life Coach Associate Clinical Chaplaincy Certification February 2015. Proficient Life Coach Certification December 2010.
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