The Gifts My Dog Gave Me

Tammy & Rhett

Although my Rhett is no longer physically here,

What he gifted me is beyond words, but it’ll be forever near.

He gave me the joy to keep on truckin’

In spite of life’s travails that made so many days suckin’.

He never let me be sad for too very long,

For his walks and footsteps were his healing song.

The melody that removed the sadness trying to undo me,

An overwhelming darkness he never let course through me.

Because he was my Earthly fur-angel so dear,

Sent directly by God to keep me going year to year.

I didn’t realize it actually at the time,

Now I see how he undid my life’s landmines.

He gave me something to look forward to,

Every day and every night — for it seems he knew

How much pain I was in keeping an upper lip,

Trying to make meaning of life’s endless shifts.

Now┬áI have a “rebound dog,”

Sent clearly by you, Rhett, to heal my grief fog.

For it seems your mission continues as my furry heavenly stanchion,

Continuing to walk me through life with your loving passion.

So thank you, My Rhett, for still being here for me,

Still knowing exactly what it is that I need.

One day we’ll again walk together in heaven.

Till then, I’m never ever forgettin’

Everything you gave me that made life worth livin’

And the fact that you’re still journeying with me up in heaven.

Coach Tammy/Chaplain Tamar







About Gelbart-Jaffe Coaching

Hospice Chaplain and Life Coach Associate Clinical Chaplaincy Certified Proficient Life Coach
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