Reconciliation Before Death


20161113_154202Families can be complicated

Not know just what to do

When a loved one becomes ill

Reconciliation can bring healing through and through.

So instead of waiting for death to knock on your dinner plate,

Think about your family now, don’t wait for that near-death state.

Make amends as best you can.

Apologize in earnest.

Let your conscience be your guide,

Not an old, broken emotion-laden furnace.

Be the best that you can be for yourself and family.

Don’t wait for death to knock on this life that you now lead

Before you ask and give forgiveness and let old bygones be.

Chaplain Tamar/Coach Tammy



About Gelbart-Jaffe Coaching

Hospice Chaplain and Life Coach Associate Clinical Chaplaincy Certification February 2015. Proficient Life Coach Certification December 2010.
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