Universal Oneness

Beautiful view of ware ma reservoir

We are one, the human race

Living, sharing this Earthly space.

Our skin all colors

Our religions a blend

Faith, hope, and love most religions extend.

Yet we can’t seem to live in peace

And love and care for one another with grace.

I ask you now why in that we fail?

Why we humans continue to daily derail

God’s hope for us to live as one.

When in actuality we are all His children beneath one sun.

This is truth and this is fact; you know this truth is not an act.

We come from God, thus we are kin.

Yet hate grows like weeds — a horrific human sin.

We must find a way to truly heal

The hearts of those who use hate to steal

The blessings of this Earthly life

Murdering innocents: children, husbands, wives.

Brainwashing toddlers to hate their neighbor

Rejecting love and oneness, and instead in hate labor.

God knows that we are absolutely able

To stop the hate and stop the labels.

We are not black, red, yellow or white.

This journey is not about color or religion — but rather about life.

Life as spirits on a physical journey

Learning to recognize one thing, and one thing only:

We are one — you and I.

All God’s children — His little human butterflies.

Chaplain Tamar/Coach Tammy


About Gelbart-Jaffe Coaching

Hospice Chaplain and Life Coach Associate Clinical Chaplaincy Certified Proficient Life Coach
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