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Hospice Chaplain and Life Coach Associate Clinical Chaplaincy Certification February 2015. Proficient Life Coach Certification December 2010.

A Hospice Patient’s Prayer

Dear God, As I begin this hospice journey, I am beginning to review what this journey’s meant to me. Help me to recognize that as this life is ending, a new one is beginning. Help me to enjoy every minute … Continue reading

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Blessing of the Hospice Volunteers

May the work of your hands be blessed, For you are hospice’s true treasure chest. May that treasure chest that is you always be filled With all the blessings needed to never be stilled; For we hospice workers see all … Continue reading

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Breathe in All that is positive. Breathe out All that is negative. Let the positive energy be your stronghold. Focus every breath On the good. Let the negativity flow over you Never invading you. Your strength lies in the positive … Continue reading

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The Goal

The goal is a little something new. It’s what we call joy, but we forgot how to do. We focused on work every day, Forgot the sun, moon, and stars and the blossoms in May. We focused on making money, … Continue reading

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Angels at the End of Life

When my hospice patients’ angels come near, My patients’ no longer ever feel fear, For their angels fill them up with love, Gifted to them by the Lord above. Letting them know that all is good, That all is exactly … Continue reading

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You Are Unique

You are unique This, I hope you know. That’s why the mystique As through each day you change and grow. Make the most of that uniqueness It is what makes you so wonderfully you Use that singular pricelessness   To … Continue reading

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The Living Light

Your God-light shines through every moment of your day. It shines from you in a beautiful rainbow array. It means you’re alive and have much to offer this world; So get up and out and let all you are unfurl; … Continue reading

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