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Alzheimer’s Awakening

She typically is seated in her bed, Eyes closed, yet aware, listening to those around her spread. Normally not a word ever passes her lips, Till this week’s Alzheimer’s Awakening, that felt like a Candid Camera clip. She opened her … Continue reading

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Father’s Day

Today’s the day that we turn to our dads and say: Thank you for putting up with me All these years, each and every day. It means a lot that you did what you did, ‘Cuz if I were you, … Continue reading

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How, she asked, the Creator in the sky Did this happen? She worked She slaved Day in Day out So many years Mending Schlepping Cooking Guided by a mother’s love Hoping That in the end It would all be worth … Continue reading

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Not a Chance . . .

Don’t wait To tell those you love that you love them To thank those who deserve thanks To make meaningful connections To build memories that last forever For if you wait too long That chance may pass you by . … Continue reading

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Life’s Seasons

As babes in arms We know not what Awaits us in adulthood, but We grow a little every day Through winter, summer, spring and fall we play Then we reach those teenage years Filled with emotion, acne, and hormone tears … Continue reading

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Energy . . . The pep in your step . . . The twinkle in your eye . . . The tears that you cry . . . The jump in your rump . . . The thrum in your … Continue reading

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Ensure that you will be here to tend to your loved one by tending to yourself first. By Chaplain Tamar 3.27.15

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