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Simple Joys

Drivin’ ’round New Mexico today, I thanked God for everything I could see: The herds of cows, The hawks and horses, The turkey vultures, Prairie dogs and doggy dogs, The cats and chickens, Goats and graveyards, Tumbleweeds, Dirt devils, Cacti, … Continue reading

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Toads, I always liked these knobby blobby guys Even now as they’ve begun to sit on our doorstep at night &¬†catch us by surprise. So now at night when we open up the door We know immediately to absolutely check … Continue reading

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The Ferocious Cat-Dog

Walking along Our favorite rocky road Two young men On camping chairs Lounging in the blistering New Mexico sun Gave my dog the best compliment he’s had in years: “Wow, that looks like one ferocious cat-dog.” To which my mostly … Continue reading

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Never Fear, God is Here

Look for God And you will see what I see. God is in everything: Every leaf of every tree Every creeping, crawling, swimming and hopping thing Every flower, fruit and blade of grass Every flying, buzzing, stinging thing that flies … Continue reading

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Morning Walk

The sun, it just begins to rise The skies, they open up their eyes To the birds’ sweet melody And the dewy peonies The rabbits, they come out to eat The deer, they romp about, so sweet But when the … Continue reading

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¬†Life is as fragile, beautiful, and magnificent as bubbles in the breeze. Treat it thusly. Cherish it as the most important thing on Earth. And give Planet Earth and mankind a chance to survive man’s hate and greed. Chaplain Tamar … Continue reading

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Just too Cute!

Baby bunnies are adorable, I know that this is true So are baby hedgehogs, pink and curlicue And those baby little pandas, how can they even be So white and black and fuzzy, and they can’t even see And then … Continue reading

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