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Healing with Joyful Moments

If you look for it, you’ll find it: It’s what we call joy . . . Joy in the little things that we ignore and don’t know why. Joy in the blossoms awakening after winter’s frost, Joy in the dew … Continue reading

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All Babies

Baby Kittens, Puppies, Birds, Bunnies, and people Eat, Sleep, Poop, Pee, Bring us smiles, Challenges, And tears. No matter how much fuss, Each one Is a blessing To be Cherished And appreciated, For each is A gift from Above. Chaplain … Continue reading

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A Newborn’s Cry

When I hear a newborn baby’s cry I can’t just idly walk on by I have to look, check and see That tiny person, oh, so wee Perhaps it’s ‘cuz I miss my babies All grown up, Now a young … Continue reading

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Nothing is More Sacred than Life

Every life is sacred No matter the Age Gender Sexual derivation Or religion Of that human being More sacred Than any book Than any word Written or spoken Across the ages Across all universes Forever and Always. Chaplain Tamar 11.20.15

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Just too Cute!

Baby bunnies are adorable, I know that this is true So are baby hedgehogs, pink and curlicue And those baby little pandas, how can they even be So white and black and fuzzy, and they can’t even see And then … Continue reading

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Our Doggy Darling

Our doggy is our darling

He thinks that he’s our kid

But that’s all right, ‘cuz really

We treat him like he truly is

After rough and tough days working

He greets us with a kiss

What more could we ask for

From our furry Little Bliss Continue reading

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Babies are a Blessing

Babies are a blessing

Fill their hearts with love . . .

Teach them peaceful coexistence . . .

And happiness will find a forever home in their heart and soul. Continue reading

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