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A New Year’s Resolution Blessing

May your New Year’s Resolution help you to be The human being your soul needs. May your soul find joy and happiness there Within the changes it makes through the year. May that soul growth fill you with contentment and … Continue reading

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My Prayer for Israel

I pray for Israel every day For her people of all faiths and colors striving not to let terrorism keep life at bay. They deserve to be left alone, To live in peace and security within their own homes. They … Continue reading

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Blessings come in All shapes and sizes: Big ones . . . Little ones . . . Surprising ones . . . Hoped for ones . . . Nature-made . . . People-made . . . Accidentally . . . … Continue reading

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Blessing of the Hospice Volunteers

May the work of your hands be blessed, For you are hospice’s true treasure chest. May that treasure chest that is you always be filled With all the blessings needed to never be stilled; For we hospice workers see all … Continue reading

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The Trouble with Life

The trouble with life is we don’t know what’s coming. So we plan and we plan in spite of that question’s humming. And when it doesn’t go as we had quite expected, We often get mad as if life owed … Continue reading

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The Gifts My Dog Gave Me

Although my Rhett is no longer physically here, What he gifted me is beyond words, but it’ll be forever near. He gave me the joy to keep on truckin’ In spite of life’s travails that made so many days suckin’. … Continue reading

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Rock Blessing

May each rock that you make and take home today Enable you to take with you A sense of perfect peace As each and every one enables you to reflect Upon the days, The months, The years, The hours and … Continue reading

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