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A little piece here A little piece there At first I didn’t notice That I was losing Little bits Of myself. Until one day I awoke with a start And asked myself: Who am I? Where did I go? And … Continue reading

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Silver Linings

Every day As a hospice chaplain I listen to people’s stories. Some are wonderful people, Some are not-so-wonderful; But their life stories Are all lined with life’s colors: Gray for the sad memories Blue for the spiritual ones Yellow for … Continue reading

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In the Blink of an Eye

Just like that I went from Hard-working, Productive, Efficient, Effective chaplain To feverish, Nauseous, Brutally ill patient. In the blink of an eye. Every time I’m taken down, And every time God brings me back I promise myself: Never again … Continue reading

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Religion is not supposed to haunt us Or Make us Fear life Or Fear love Or Fear living fully and loving deeply. It is supposed to show us the way To the Creator Through paths of peace Learning kindness, Teaching … Continue reading

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Not a Chance . . .

Don’t wait To tell those you love that you love them To thank those who deserve thanks To make meaningful connections To build memories that last forever For if you wait too long That chance may pass you by . … Continue reading

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Don’t blink too darn fast, or you’ll miss all the vast highs and lows that come and go close your eyes oh so slow like the river waterflow drink it in,¬†all of life the happiness and strife Give hugs every … Continue reading

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Full Circle

As babies, we know nothing of the world but the people around us. As youth, we expand and discover the world beyond our families. As adults, we work hard to build the world and make it our home. As seniors, … Continue reading

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