Preparing . . .

Tammy with Dad at Jonathan's wedding

On the plane heading back

Preparing to see how I will hack

Seeing my dear father’s decline

Surprised to arrive and actually find

That he was better than I had envisioned

Grateful and hopeful that he will keep livin’

Till my heart and soul feel able

To give him permission to return to God’s table.

Knowing that his future is not in my hands.

Praying that God will give him more time on Earth’s lands.

Gotta just say that hug and kiss before leavin’

Caused my tears to well up and my soul to start grievin’

For I know not what is God’s plan

For my little father, now a tiny old man.

Thankful for this chance to once again say:

I love you, Dad, in spite of everything, today and every day.

Chaplain Tamar/Coach Tammy


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No Such Thing as “Goodbye”

amazing sun ring ware ma january 2020 2

As I sit alongside my dying patient’s bed

I may sing a quiet song to comfort him.

I may offer presence in perfect silence,

A prayer,  psalm or blessing that enables soul balance . . .

Whatever I can offer that may fill him up with peace

As he prepares to meet God and his kin in heaven’s space.

I always try hard not to weep or cry,

For I know my last seeing of him is never “goodbye.”

It’s simply a last seeing of him right here

Until the day our paths cross in the next hemisphere;

For our souls are pure energy and cannot be destroyed,

Thus we can’t just disappear into some black, empty void.

We must all move on to our soul’s new home place

Where we live on eternally thanks entirely to God’s grace;

And it is while we are there that we all come to know one thing:

There is no such thing as “goodbye,” beneath God’s loving wings.

Chaplain Tamar/Coach Tammy




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Prayer for a New Year

sunset 8 in ware ma 2020.jpg

May the light of the One

That illumines all souls

Illuminate our path throughout this new year.

May that light enable us all to love and be loved

And to grow that love

Into the World the One knows

We are capable of growing.


Chaplain Tamar


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Happy Hanukkah

Merry Christmas

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Kwanzaa

Happy Ramadan


Today and always.

May we come together as one human race

Through this holiday season

And every day of 2020 and beyond

Holding one another of all races, religions and sexual preferences

As one great God-given family.

With love as our guide.


Chaplain Tammy



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Kindness is Still Alive

BeBe 1

Kindness still lives in Roanoke

The place I now live with its gracious townsfolk.

The majority strive to live and be as good

As God would want them to be: One beautiful neighborhood.

Baskets of welcome on my doorstep

Glorious holiday lights shining through my windows with pep.

I never thought I’d find a place as sweet

As Roanoke, Virginia, the place God directed me — what a treat!

Chaplain Tammy


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Make 2020 The Year of Love

Dad with granddaughter Rose2

2019 has been heartbreaking on so many levels, it’s been hard to endure

For children of Holocaust survivors like myself witnessing hatred of Jews and Israel rising like some newfound couture.

It seems no matter how hard we work

To show the world we love our neighbors as ourselves and we’ll never shirk

Our commitment to this beautiful world

To be kind and loving to Mother Earth and all God’s creatures, animal and man unfurled.

My prayer for 2020 is that this ridiculous hate propaganda machine

Is stopped in its tracks so love can envelope the Earth again with a glowing sheen.

And God can smile again at His/Her human children

Knowing they’re doing what they were sent here to do: Become all-lovin’.

Chaplain Tamar


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Bringing Your Hopes to Life

Tammy Santa Rosa Lake Headshot 3

You know where you need to grow

What your heart and mind needs to sow

To make your dreams come alive

And soar through the rest of this, your Earthly life.

Just start with a calendar

An accomplishment-a-day’s a good start for sure.

If you can visualize it, you will see

You can turn it into your reality.

Coach Tammy


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