It Matters

What You Do Matters

What we say matters.

What we do matters.

What we don’t say matters.

What we don’t do matters.

Make everything you do and say matter

By always thinking before you speak,

And thinking before you do;

Because once you do or say something,

You cannot undo

Or unsay anything.

So think first.

Make it right from the start,

So when you look back,

You may do so with pride,

Because what you did and said


In countless ways

To those with whom you connect daily,

And those you don’t realize you just connected with.

So do it right from the start,

Because everything and everyone


Coach Tammy




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Be Kind


Be kind to yourself,

and everyone you know.

Be kind to all creatures,

and everything that grows.

Breathe kindness when you work,

and kindness when you play,

And discover how sweet kindnesses

 will steer good things your way.

Coach Tammy


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From Tired to Driven to Fun


Feeling tired,

Too tired to go?

Don’t let that feeling be your life’s undertow.

Close your eyes,

Breathe in slow,

Visualize yourself letting go . . .

Of everything that’s dragging you down,

See yourself throwing away that frown.

Get up and stretch, reach for the sky

Tell yourself you’re gonna do more than try;

Tell yourself you’re gonna get everything done without fuss;

Tell yourself you’re gonna get it done flawless.

‘Cuz you got what it takes

To get up, get out, and do it all without mistake;

After all, you are you,

You’re your very best ground crew.

And when you’re done

Be sure to have fun

‘Cuz life’s so much more than just the daily grind,

So tap your inner happy place, and give yourself permission to unwind.

Coach Tammy



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Every Day’s a New Opportunity


It’s rainy out,

But that’s okay,

Tomorrow is a brand new day,

A day to sing,

To ride life’s butterfly wings.

And it’s all okay,

‘Cuz our mantra day after day

Is that every day is yet another opportunity.

Coach Tammy


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Building Ourselves


It is up to us

To build ourselves into the person we wanna be.

We all can get there if we take it

One step at a time.


We must establish a reachable first milestone.


We must develop a simple plan that we know we will do that will get us there.


We must implement that plan!


We must remind ourselves to be patient,





And Eighth,

We must never give up,

We must keep plugging along

One day at a time,

Reminding ourselves to be patient


But we have to start

At Square One

With our own personal vision

Of who we wanna be

And let that be our guide.

Coach Tammy


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Image from 1000+ Images about Cats on Pinterest


Wisdom begins with curiosity

And is acquired

As one journeys towards understanding.

Coach Tammy


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The Pleasure of Growing


With children grown and far away

Us mid-lifers looking for things to do and play

May find happiness in planter pots

Planting things and watching our plants take off like budding astronauts

Into things that make us smile

While nurturing our souls all the while.

Coach Tammy


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