Meaning Seeking

Rhett Butler 1-2018 - right before he died

There is meaning in everything

If you seek it, there you’ll find,

Another moment to be had,

Another story to unwind,

An opportunity to look for the good instead of for the bad.

Another moment to be curious and let that curiosity grow

Into the answers for life’s questions that you’d like to know,

For only you can understand what awaits you there,

Something amazing and eternal, beyond this hemisphere;

A meaning that travels with you from this life to the next

An understanding that keeps you seeking beyond this simple text.


Chaplain Tammy



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Prayer for Hospice Team Oneness


20170903_181232.jpgWe pray today that we are one, unified in all we do,

To bring comfort, love and light to those whose homes we journey to.

We pray that no matter what, we all do get along,

That as we visit, care and give, oneness will be our song,

The oneness needed to provide for our patients whom we adore,

What more could we ask of one another than to be united on this hospice score.

For when we work seamlessly, our patients’ needs our guiding light

Our patients feel it and realize, they are our sunshine and moonlight.

Chaplain Tammy




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Prayer for Peace


20170903_185909I pray for peace within my heart

And in the heart of man.

I pray for this with all my soul

With everything I am.

I pray that God will fill man up

With everything he needs

To sow the love that gave him life

The seeds of perfect peace.

Chaplain Tammy


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A Hospice Patient’s Prayer

Silver LiningsDear God,

As I begin this hospice journey, I am beginning to review what this journey’s meant to me. Help me to recognize that as this life is ending, a new one is beginning. Help me to enjoy every minute I have left. Help my friends and family’s grief journey be brief and painless. Help them take heart in the knowledge that they made all the difference. Help me to celebrate the blessings and be grateful for both the good and the bad. Help me thank those who are deserving of thanks and forgiving to those who have hurt me. Help those I may have hurt forgive me. Forgive me for my transgressions and enable me to forgive myself. Remind me to be grateful for this journey and let go of any remorse. Help me make this final crossing with grace; and welcome me into Your heavenly abode in peace surrounded by Your love, light and healing. Amen.

Chaplain Tamar


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Blessing of the Hospice Volunteers

Dolley 1

May the work of your hands be blessed,

For you are hospice’s true treasure chest.

May that treasure chest that is you always be filled

With all the blessings needed to never be stilled;

For we hospice workers see all that you do,

We know our patients and families recognize it, too.

We want you to know how much your hospice team appreciates how much you give,

Because you make all the difference in the days our patients still live;

We see how you give of yourself with pure love,

A love our patients carry with them to the heavens above.

May the heavens return the blessings you give back unto you

For all the love and giving for hospice you do.

For you are what makes hospice so dear

And we are so very grateful the heavens brought you here.

Chaplain Tamar





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airflow through the human respiratory system

Breathe in

All that is positive.

Breathe out

All that is negative.

Let the positive energy be your stronghold.

Focus every breath

On the good.

Let the negativity flow over you

Never invading you.

Your strength lies in the positive force

That is your spirit.

Every breath,

Every rise and fall of your chest,

Every beat of your heart

Is the keeper of your spirit.

Stay strong.

Focus each breath

On the goodness that is you.

You are the keeper of your spirit garden.

Water it every day with positivity.

That is the secret

To the beautiful garden that is you.

Coach Tammy/Chaplain Tamar





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The Goal


The goal is a little something new.

It’s what we call joy, but we forgot how to do.

We focused on work every day,

Forgot the sun, moon, and stars and the blossoms in May.

We focused on making money, so very green,

And forgot the joys in life that money can’t bring.

We forgot to give hugs and kisses too,

We forgot the little joys tried and true.

We forgot to spend time with our families;

Time to re-set our life clock and avoid a soul tragedy.

For our souls go with us not just here,

They’re all that we bring when we meet God up there.

So take time out each and every day

To integrate joy into your life in sweet, loving ways.

Coach Tamara/Chaplain Tamar



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