New Beginnings

Tammy & Dolley in the Grand Canyon

Life is such a roller coaster

The unexpected becomes expected, and that becomes life’s place holder.

So when we find ourselves starting anew

After so many hurdles, so many unsavory brews

All we can do is try to keep our footing

Through the challenges and the off-puddings.

I’m so glad life’s been a rough ride.

I wouldn’t be the woman I am now able to abide

By God’s plan instead of my own

For (S)He’s the one who knows how to grow my spirit before returning me home.

Chaplain Tamar/Coach Tammy


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Crazy Miracles

Screenshot (418)Screenshot (424)

Nineteen years ago I used to drive past

A yellow and white house in Potomac, quite slowly, not fast.

I’d forgotten all about that sweet little place

Till I went looking for a new Virginia home space.

Twas then that I tried and tried as I might

To find a home on a tiny budget, but I ended up giving up that fight.

For everything within that small little sum

Needed thousands in repairs for years to come.

So when my realtor recommended a sweet yellow and white house

On a street called Potomac, the memories came pouring out.

I have always known that life is a real mystery,

Much of this one a miracle full of twists, turns and epiphanies.

I am so grateful for all of its twists and turns

For every day I live, I hope to continue to learn

That we are but travelers on a journey only God knows.

With lessons to be learned and miracles yet to be disclosed.

Chaplain Tamar/Coach Tammy




Chaplain Tamar/Coach Tammy


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Thank a Soldier

military cemetery

Thank a soldier today and every day.

Without them, we wouldn’t be free — They led our pathway . . .

To freedom, equality, a place to call home . . .

A place for our children to grow and happily roam.

A land of green hills, streams and trails,

A nation where people of all colors and religions happily sail.

For we are Americans, who dare to be free . . .

To be who we truly are without all the politically correct cacophony.

The men and women who’ve given their lives

Were fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, husbands and wives.

Their families were split for long periods of time

Praying and hoping their loved one would return healthy, fit and fine.

While most did return without e’er a scratch

Many thousands gave of their lives when they were dispatched.

So thank them today for their service and for all that they gave

Without them we wouldn’t be: The land of the free and home of the brave.

Chaplain Tamar/Coach Tammy


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Tammy & Mom

We begin as mere babes naive yet aware

Soaking in life without ne’er a care.

We grow to be tweens and then we all seem

To struggle with everything about this life’s scene.

From there we grow into young women and men,

High school proms, driver’s licenses and college exams.

It’s then we think that we got it made

College, a license, freedom no longer stayed.

Then life kicks us around a bit here and there.

We learn with hard knocks sometimes life doesn’t feel fair.

Eventually we find a career or a job —

And if we’re real lucky sometimes even a heart throb.

And that’s when the tough really get going

Juggling work and family — responsibilities overflowing.

The gray hairs begin and we can’t understand why.

We still feel so young, so cover them we try.

Eventually there’s just too many to cover

We give in to Mother Nature and that’s when we discover

Life is a journey we wish we knew when we were young

How to take in each moment and cherish the fun.

Because before we turn ’round it’s all in the past

But that’s what we call “change” and it goes way too fast.

Chaplain Tamar/Coach Tammy


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grafitti 9 nyc 3.19

We all are equal humans, and thus we all equally belong

On this beautiful planet singing its praises and songs;

For you see, when God made us all, yes, you and me,

He used his love of colors to make us equal so beautifully.

For we are all equal humans, regardless of skin color;

Religious differences should never separate human sisters and brothers.

For we are all here and all equally belong,

All here to sing praises of Mother Earth’s songs.

We needn’t worry about a person’s sexual preference.

That’s their path to love, which means there’s really no difference.

So equally love your sisters and brothers.

Stop putting barriers between one another and saying “they are ‘the other.'”

For in the Heavenly Heights God cares not about color,

Not about sexual preference or religion, because we’re one with each other.

So might as well get onto God’s same page right now

All it takes is love, which for some is not easy, but love is the how.

Chaplain Tamar/Coach Tammy


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The Blessing of You


You are a blessing

In case you don’t know.

So live this life you’ve been given

Using every day to learn and to grow

For life is too short to spend it angry

Or sad or depressed or even feeling self-pity.

Sometimes we need to just give ourselves a break

Not judge ourselves against another

Not say we have some but want more like Eden’s snake.

For it’s enjoying and reveling in what we do have

Recognizing all the good and using it to keep away the sad

These are the little things we can do to feel life and we are a blessing

Instead of look at every day as if it’s a testing.

So today and tomorrow and every day that follows

I wish you joy, love, light and healing from all of your sorrows

And may anything that you feel is dragging you down

Melt away so that you are able to feel life has no bounds,

For you are a blessing in case you don’t know.

With that as your motto, you have boundless life to sow.

Chaplain Tamar/Coach Tammy


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Prayer for Spouse Caring for Spouse in Hospice

Clouds and water with blue sky (2)

My Dear, Loving God,

As I stand before You now, I humbly ask for strength.

My loved one is in hospice.

This You know already.

I know not why (s)he is being prepared to return to You at this stage in our lives;

And I will not question why.

What I ask simply is this: That You fill me with the grace I need to accept Your plan.

For I love this (wo)man with all my heart and soul.

Though we have had ____(#) years together,

You know I was hoping for more.

Just as I refrained from asking why,

I too refrain from asking for more time.

What I do ask, however, My Dear Lord, is that You fill my loved one with everything (s)he needs to complete this journey without suffering,

With peace of heart and soul,

With the wisdom to know that his/her life has been the greatest gift You’ve ever given me.

The gift of a love with infinite levels of meaning for me,

And everyone whose lives (s)he’s touched.

Though I have already told him/her this,

I ask that You please continue this message of blessed assurance

For blessed assurance is what I need for him/her to have today and every day as (s)he prepares to go home.

Dearest Lord, for hearing my prayer always,

I thank you.

For answering them in Your own magical way,

I thank you.

With a loving heart standing here before You,

My Ever-living, Ever-loving God,

I thank you.

With my angels and those of my spouse, we all thank you,

And together we say: Amen.

Chaplain Tamar/Coach Tammy


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