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The Dying – The Living

In hospice, as we help our patients prepare for death I’m asked always what can be done so it doesn’t hurt so much, yet All I can offer is to let yourself feel Whatever you need to, as you journey … Continue reading

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Sending Love . . .

To my patients and their loved ones here on Earth And to those who have already made that final journey “home” I just wanna send you . . . . . . loving thoughts, . . . hugs and kisses, … Continue reading

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Finding God

God is in every beat of your heart Every breath that you take Every sand in the sea Every bird, every bee Every seed that you sow Every word that you grow You’re never alone Because God is always there. … Continue reading

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Feeling God

I feel God in every hospice visit In the family’s grief In the patient’s smile In the courage of those present (S)He is there Comforting the sick Supporting the grief-stricken Providing forever memories Reminding us that death of the body … Continue reading

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Ensure that you will be here to tend to your loved one by tending to yourself first. By Chaplain Tamar 3.27.15

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Words Unspoken

Words unspoken may weigh us down If they’re left unsaid So let us work to speak with love empathy and kindness So in the end We can say: We left no words unspoken By Chaplain Tamar 3.11.15

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Peaceful Passing?

This week I experienced being present for the first time with a resident at his crossing over.  What was surreal about it is that he simply stopped breathing.  It was so peaceful, that I wasn’t even sure he had actually … Continue reading

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