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Let Us Move Beyond

Let us move beyond imagining a world where (wo)mankind transforms his/her quest from one bent on conquering nations to one bent on saving the world, by moving beyond every fence beyond every wall beyond every boundary (wo)mankind has created to divide … Continue reading

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Common Ground

We walk the Earth’s land, drink in its water, breathe in its air, make love under its moon and bask in its sun . . . We owe it our thanks, every minute of every day and thus must care … Continue reading

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As spring’s flowers bloom, and our allergies run amok, let us be thankful that we have lived another year, and been given the opportunity to sneeze again. By Chaplain Tamar 4.29.15

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 Life is as fragile, beautiful, and magnificent as bubbles in the breeze. Treat it thusly. Cherish it as the most important thing on Earth. And give Planet Earth and mankind a chance to survive man’s hate and greed. Chaplain Tamar … Continue reading

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No Words

No words can express the grief and sadness that engulfs my very soul When I listen to the news and hear of one slaughter after the other Merely because those slaughtered weren’t the same religion as their slaughterers Now is … Continue reading

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May Your Wishes be a Blessing

May your wishes be a blessing for you and all the world May those blessings bring you happiness like an ice cream cone swirl May those wishes become reality that help repair the Earth May the Earth rejoice in song for the healing that … Continue reading

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Seeing God

The things which have most meaning are the things we cannot see
Like God and love and empathy, so what does that really mean?
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Before You Argue – Remember the Love

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Our Universal Groundedness

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