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If we learn to live consciously To appreciate every breath, Every minute, Every opportunity to create a new memory, We will come to understand That therein Within that place of Appreciation Lies contentment. Let us all be appreciative And find … Continue reading

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The Happiness Career

  If we all were to make striving for happiness our life’s career, Our occupation would become as irrelevant as gum on the bottom of our shoe, Because whether we love or hate our job, Our lifetime career goal of Happiness … Continue reading

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Sunrise Smiles

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That Ray of Sunshine

There is a brilliant ray of sunshine for you and for me Just take a moment to look inwardly and you’ll find it there, you’ll see. When you find it, let it shine In everything you do. Smile at the … Continue reading

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Happy Dog

Isn’t it odd How a little fury thing that often hems and haws Can, in the blink of an eye, Make your heart as mushy as apple pie When he looks at you With loving eyes so true And brings … Continue reading

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Sugary Kisses

Give a kiss a day to the one you love Let them give one back with a great big hug Allow its sweetness to carry you through Everything you say and do And even the mean people won’t seem as … Continue reading

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Bubblegum Magic

Bubblegum’s amazing So pink and soft and chewy When I blow those bubbles And watch that pink glob grow For some reason I know not Childhood memories rush on in Home-baked cookies, bike rides, toys and happy days Mom giving … Continue reading

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Good Health

Good health is a priceless commodity. Can’t sell it. Can’t give it away. So if you’ve got it, Be happy For you are Priceless Chaplain Tamar 7.11.15

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Sunshine Smiles

                               When dark, gray clouds fill the morning sky, smile . . .                           … Continue reading

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Life Lesson Number 5

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