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A Prayer for Religious Reformation

Dear God, Help us to begin a global religious reformation That preserves our love of You And reforms all of our religions Such that we use religion the way You intended, As our lifeline to You; For we have lost our way, … Continue reading

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Hate — What Does it Get Ya?

HATE What does it get ya? Sickness of . . . Mind, Body, and Soul; War, Death, and Destruction of: Mother Earth And all Her God-given blessings. Pointless Yet endless. Until Either We do ourselves in Or God does it … Continue reading

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The Trouble . . .

The trouble with life is that It can be so troubling Like . . . Love can be troubling Yet wonderful Hate can be troubling Yet motivate us to seek healing War can be troubling Yet motivate us to seek … Continue reading

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Hold on to Hope

Whilst Americans spend their time Battling with one another: Democrat against Republican White against black Civilian against policeman Gamer against gamer Social media poster against social media poster The world overflows with hate. But we must hold onto hope That … Continue reading

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Hate Prevents Progress – Love Provides Infinite Possibilities

Hate prevents the soul from being all that it can be Whilst love provides the soul with infinite possibilities Possibilities To be everything the Creator intended So sow love And begin the journey Towards the infinite. Chaplain Tamar 10.23.15

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A Space Traveler’s Quandry

“That planet,” Earth, says the Traveler’s computer to its ship’s Captain, “Appears to be composed of : “157 Christian-majority countries “49 Muslim “7 Buddhist “3 Hindu “And 1 Jewish nation; “It appears that the Planet’s oversight committee known as the Body … Continue reading

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Let Us Move Beyond

Let us move beyond imagining a world where (wo)mankind transforms his/her quest from one bent on conquering nations to one bent on saving the world, by moving beyond every fence beyond every wall beyond every boundary (wo)mankind has created to divide … Continue reading

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