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Strength Within

We all have it, yes we do Strength within — me and you. We can heal from anything, Illness, accident, or gossip’s sting. All we need is confidence that We’ll make it through life’s crazy path. Don’t waste your time … Continue reading

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A Sleep of Healing

Now that I’ve forgiven him, And I told him so, I slept a sleep of healing As deep as a winter’s snow Awoke at dawn To ┬ábird songs And crisp New Mexico breezes Grateful for a second chance To live … Continue reading

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In the Blink of an Eye

Just like that I went from Hard-working, Productive, Efficient, Effective chaplain To feverish, Nauseous, Brutally ill patient. In the blink of an eye. Every time I’m taken down, And every time God brings me back I promise myself: Never again … Continue reading

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Chaplain Tamar’s God Story – No. 2 – Lover of Life

He was a centenarian Considered himself a Jewish agnostic before he came to the assisted living facility Had been married to a Jewish atheist His soul mate Until God gathered her to her kin in the heavens above He’d lost … Continue reading

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Praying for Healing

May God and his ministering angels heal the hearts of those that seek to harm others, and who claim violence in the name of religion, enabling every man, woman and child to find a path to the Lord that is … Continue reading

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Green is the dragonfly, as magnificent as cat’s eyes Green is the toad, hopping coolly down the road Green is the Parakeet, so noisy yet neat Green is life and growth, like the Plain-capped Starthroat Green is harmony and healing, … Continue reading

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Unique – Yet the Same

Although each of us is a unique soul, we share much sameness. It is that combination that enables us to shine light inwardly into our souls and outwardly towards the world. That is the kaleidoscope of (wo)mankind’s soul. May each … Continue reading

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