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When we are tired And ready to say “until we meet again,” We yearn to go “home” to our family and friends. Where up in the heavens we were first born. Where with our Maker and loved ones, we are … Continue reading

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Remembering our loved ones helps us to be Everything we want Everything we need; For those whom we’ve lost are not far away Just different, like stardust Rushing in like the rain. Their presence is felt, No matter how far … Continue reading

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Prayer for All Hospice Patients

  May you know that you are not alone That your hospice team is always reachable by phone. We’re here for you both day and night, Here to help you recognize, work with, and feel the light . . . … Continue reading

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Pennies from Heaven?

If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I would never have believed it, But I did. A Bright, Shiny, Cooper penny Dropped As if from the sky Onto the ankle of the woman With whom I was speaking. … Continue reading

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Nothing is More Sacred than Life

Every life is sacred No matter the Age Gender Sexual derivation Or religion Of that human being More sacred Than any book Than any word Written or spoken Across the ages Across all universes Forever and Always. Chaplain Tamar 11.20.15

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Feeling God

I feel God in every hospice visit In the family’s grief In the patient’s smile In the courage of those present (S)He is there Comforting the sick Supporting the grief-stricken Providing forever memories Reminding us that death of the body … Continue reading

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Celebrate with all your love, with family and friends  Give of yourself your very best, so at the very end Your loved ones will have memories that live forever and a day So when you look down from up above, you can rightly … Continue reading

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