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Body, Mind, Spirit

Let us learn to: Feed our body with food Our mind with knowledge And our spirit with love In order to be The best God-light We can be. Chaplain Tamar 1.24.16

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Our minds are our hard drive. Let us input its information wisely And build human-kindness From the inside out. By Chaplain Tamar 5.21.15

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Questions lead to answers, so take a chance and ask, You may well discover that which you seek. By Chaplain Tamar 3.12.15

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With Knowledge, We Can . . .

With knowledge, we can build unity, a better humanity, a better world, so let us embrace the enlightenment that knowledge brings and build a unified humanity By Chaplain Tamar 3.9.15

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Looking Inwardly

When we look for our life’s direction, we must first and foremost look inwardly and ask the question: ¬†What is it that I want to “get” out of this life? That’s a really, really, really hard question to answer. ¬†Think … Continue reading

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