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  Wisdom begins with curiosity And is acquired As one journeys towards understanding. Coach Tammy 10.26.16

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Intellectual Responsibility

When working to find the truth Do it responsibly. Research the issue in not justĀ one newspaper, But many, Each with different perspectives. Don’t just listen to one professor,, Listen to many, Each approaching the issue through a different lens. Don’t … Continue reading

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We Are Here Because . . .

We all are here because we’re travelers Journeying from life to life Our time on Earth so very short Filled with joy, hardship and strife And the lessons we’re to take away are always just the same To learn to … Continue reading

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Global Suicide

The P5+1 has built the world’s gallows Tied its own noose All within the verbiage of the JCPOA And why? For money. The 150 billion dollars that will be unlocked That the nations all want a piece of For this … Continue reading

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Just Ask

Be curious Ask questions that bring about more questions And you will discover a world more incredulous than you could have ever imagined So remember Just ask Chaplain Tamar 8.19.15

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Teachings of Hospice

I see families who hate families who love families who support one another and families who tear one another down And I pray for them all for those who don’t know love to find it for those who know love … Continue reading

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Too Late?

It’s never too late to pull out the hate from the core of your being and replace it with everlasting love It’s never too late By Chaplain Tamar 6.15.15

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