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Carry the Sunshine

Take in the morning sunshine Carry it through the day From the bird songs in the morning To the moonbeams late at night Carry the sunshine in all that you do And the whole world will seek To be around … Continue reading

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The Fireflies in June

The fireflies, they come in June Flitting here and there Transforming the night into tiny flashlights Exhilarating Real Transforming grass into carpet-light and the trees into Christmas-in-June That tiny bit of flying moonlight Then slips away like a sweet memory Leaving us … Continue reading

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Repairing the Soul

God gave us each a unique, beautiful soul-canvas To paint as we see fit We may choose to fill it with flowers, Sunbeams, moonshine, and stars Or with hate and jealousy The makings of soul-death. Let us work to be … Continue reading

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If God Left an Ethical Will to Humanity . . .

. . . it may say: My Dear Children, Though I may seem far away, please remember that I am always nearby. Know that I love each and every one of you, and that I consider each of you my … Continue reading

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Looking Inwardly

When we look for our life’s direction, we must first and foremost look inwardly and ask the question:  What is it that I want to “get” out of this life? That’s a really, really, really hard question to answer.  Think … Continue reading

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We Can Save the World — Together

The very best way to Save the World is together, as 1 loving, caring voice. That voice must ring out harmoniously with the same global message: We are 1 . . . We are 1 . . . We are 1 … Continue reading

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