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The Value of Meaning

It was a good day. It was a bad day. It was a good year. It was a bad year. There is meaning in every day, in every year, whether good or bad; lessons to be learned, not to be … Continue reading

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When our loved ones die We must strive to bury Only their body, Not their memory. Write their stories down And pass them on. Share them with your friends And families Tell them about the gifts they’ve given: Their time … Continue reading

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Chaplain Tamar’s God Story – No. 1

My first chaplaincy God story occurred one day¬†as I was called to the room of a resident whom the staff indicated was dying and whose family was standing and sitting around her as she lay in bed It was painfully … Continue reading

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Taking Nothing for Granted

Do not wait to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air of a new day, or the tall, cooling comfort of a glass of sweet tea Do not take the blowing of the wind through your hair or the rush of … Continue reading

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Teachings of Hospice

I see families who hate families who love families who support one another and families who tear one another down And I pray for them all for those who don’t know love to find it for those who know love … Continue reading

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Our hearts are our engine Our soul our essence Yet when they see love feel love know love they melt By Chaplain Tamar 3.22.15

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