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A Prayer for Religious Reformation

Dear God, Help us to begin a global religious reformation That preserves our love of You And reforms all of our religions Such that we use religion the way You intended, As our lifeline to You; For we have lost our way, … Continue reading

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Deadly Silence

Religious cleansing of entire Christian populations is taking place throughout the Arab world. And the world stands silent. Marital rape, wife beating and honor killings are permitted by law in Jordan and other sharia nations And the world stands silent. People … Continue reading

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Time to Stop Ignoring Evil in the Name of Religion

It seems the world is closing its eyes Burying its head in the sand Ignoring the overwhelming evil Engulfing our planet, our land. Evil creatures teaching hate Claiming that murder is right Claiming rape and slavery are approved in the … Continue reading

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What’s in a Dream?

As a child, I dreamt of one day living to see world peace.  Things are awful right now, with the flooding, the tsunamis, the earthquakes, unemployment, murder, and rape, but I say we have to go on not just dreaming, but working … Continue reading

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