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A Space Traveler’s Quandry

“That planet,” Earth, says the Traveler’s computer to its ship’s Captain, “Appears to be composed of : “157 Christian-majority countries “49 Muslim “7 Buddhist “3 Hindu “And 1 Jewish¬†nation; “It appears that the Planet’s oversight committee known as the Body … Continue reading

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Praying for Healing

May God and his ministering angels heal the hearts of those that seek to harm others, and who claim violence in the name of religion, enabling every man, woman and child to find a path to the Lord that is … Continue reading

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Every Day I Hope & Pray

Every day I hope and pray that (wo)mankind will look inside his/her soul and find the compassion, empathy and love That Our Maker filled our souls with at birth. The compassion we need to each recognize Our sameness. The empathy … Continue reading

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Unique – Yet the Same

Although each of us is a unique soul, we share much sameness. It is that combination that enables us to shine light inwardly into our souls and outwardly towards the world. That is the kaleidoscope of (wo)mankind’s soul. May each … Continue reading

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The Peaceful Coexistence Song

Do not hate me because I’m a Jew. My path to God should not matter to you. What matters is the person I am Kind, loving, good-hearted, hard-working and true That is the person I am, in addition to being … Continue reading

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With Knowledge, We Can . . .

With knowledge, we can build unity, a better humanity, a better world, so let us embrace the enlightenment that knowledge brings and build a unified humanity By Chaplain Tamar 3.9.15

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The Time Has Come

The time has come For the world to recognize That Jews are not apes¬†or pigs but human beings who, like everyone else seek an opportunity to live work love marry raise a family and grow old Like everyone else they … Continue reading

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