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Think of Butterflies and Daisies

Think of butterflies and daisies when you’re feeling down. Then get up and get out and do something to wipe away that frown. Go find a friend who’ll walk with you Or a special loved one who’ll talk with you. … Continue reading

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Sugary Kisses

Give a kiss a day to the one you love Let them give one back with a great big hug Allow its sweetness to carry you through Everything you say and do And even the mean people won’t seem as … Continue reading

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Bubblegum Magic

Bubblegum’s amazing So pink and soft and chewy When I blow those bubbles And watch that pink glob grow For some reason I know not Childhood memories rush on in Home-baked cookies, bike rides, toys and happy days Mom giving … Continue reading

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Yesterday was my last opportunity to teach my 8th grade class about relationships using Jewish ethics and values as a guide. As they’d finished playing the “Relationships” board game they constructed using the emotional development tools they learned about this … Continue reading

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