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Thank you, God, for empathy, For the ability to understand The needs of one another The need to comprehend That we all need the same thing, A home,  three meals and love. Help us be there for one another With … Continue reading

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Teachings of Hospice

I see families who hate families who love families who support one another and families who tear one another down And I pray for them all for those who don’t know love to find it for those who know love … Continue reading

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Never be afraid to fail. Never be afraid to try again. Be resilient. By Chaplain Tamar 6/14/15

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With Knowledge, We Can . . .

With knowledge, we can build unity, a better humanity, a better world, so let us embrace the enlightenment that knowledge brings and build a unified humanity By Chaplain Tamar 3.9.15

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Hateful Hearts

As a life coach training to become a non-denominational chaplain, I have the opportunity every day to sit with people of all faiths, listen to them speak from their heart, and pray with and for them, their families and their … Continue reading

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