Prayer for Ailing Children


Dear God, Creator of Heaven and Earth,

Today we sit alongside this beautiful, ailing child.

Although we recognize that when we come into this world, you lay before each of us our life’s mission,

Today we ask that you expand this child’s mission and tenure with us.

In doing so, we ask that you please bring complete healing of body and soul to _____________.

While we recognize that only You know what is best for this child; we ask that You make this perfect healing the best and right path for this beautiful being.

For hearing us fully today,

For listening to our hearts as we beseech thee with all that we are,

We thank You.

For being with us and with this child throughout this journey and into the next,

We thank You.

For all this, for that which we are unaware, and for the Light and Love that we recognize You surround us and enfold us with daily,

We thank You,

And together we say:


Chaplain Tamar



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For my Hospice Patients and their Families

april 2nd flower on the job.jpg

Dear God,

I pray with all my heart

That You be with my patients until they pass and restart

Life again beyond their body

Up with you, the one and only Almighty.

Please, Dear Lord, guide them there

With all the love they need — and tender care.

Comfort them when they feel scared.

Let them know You’re always near

That death seems final, but it really isn’t.

That it’s simply moving from here to Heaven Unlimited.

And when they get there, please envelope them

With eternal love, friends and kin.

For these things I pray I thank You now

Because only You can make this happen

Only You know how.

Chaplain Tamar/Chaplain Tammy


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Prayer for Our Furry Family Members

Tammy and Dolley in the Grand Canyon

Thank you, God, for my fluffy pet.

When I come home, my smile she does set.

Jumping, happy, my fuzzy four-legged clown.

Romping, barking, hopping round.

With her hugs, cuddles and kisses,

My life is more full — and I love her to bitsies.

Chaplain Tamar


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Prayer for Hospice Aides

20180805_175119536_iOS (1)

May God bless you for all you do

Bathing, cleaning, all those who

Can’t do it all by themselves

You become their backs, hands and belts.

Holding them up just the way

They need to get through every day.

May your hands continue this godly work

Your back stay strong and never hurt

For you are an angel here

In the work you do, that’s clear.

May your angels watch over you

And keep blessing you for all you do.

Chaplain Tamar


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Prayer for One Preparing to Cross Over [Near Death]

Napa flower 3 - 4.6.19

Dear God, Creator of us All,

I feel now ready for Your call.

I’ve tied up all my life’s loose strings

Told those I love how much they mean;

Thanked all those who’ve made the difference;

Given them barrels of hugs and kisses.

I thank You for this journey had

And for preparing me now to come on back.

It hasn’t been easy, this Earthly life

So much work, pain, loss and strife

But in all of that there’s been a mix

Of dreams delivered — happiness.

So as I prepare to return back

I bow my head and humbly ask

That You forgive me for my ways

For words said or unsaid, my errant days.

And if I don’t deserve to be forgiven,

Have mercy on me, for life’s hard livin’.

But I know that You already know all that,

So please ready my soul to come back,

I can’t think of another thing

That needs saying or doing — except to sing

Praises for all that You have done

For me and all those I love.

You have always been there for me,

So with all my soul I sing:

Thank You . . . Thank You for all of that . . .

Thank You . . . Thank You . . . for guiding me back.

Chaplain Tamar


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Ready for My Soul-Mate

Napa flower 19 - 4.6.19

Dear God, Creator of us all,

You know my heart has taken many falls;

But this evening I now come to You

On bended knee in prayer with every sinew

Asking You to please send my way

The man You made for me that auspicious day

When You bonded me to him and him to me

Soul-mates forever . . . eternally.

I hope he is as sweet as cream

That not a bone in his body is truly mean

Please have him be honest no matter what

No ifs, no ands, no “honey, but . . .”

Please make him empathetic, loving and cuddly

Adventurous, courageous, and funny

I’m not asking for diamonds or rubies or jewels

I don’t care about those things, they’re for fools.

I know this list is probably too much

But with You, I lay my heart in trust

I know You know what’s best for me

Even if that means he may not be funny.

Chaplain Tammy


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Not “Just Another Day”

20180805_175119536_iOS (1)

Every day’s a new day

Not “just another day.”

Offering possibilities . . .

Whether sunshine, snow or rain.

Moments to laugh,

To dance and prance and sing;

Moments to think

About basically everything.

So enjoy every moment of this completely, brand new day

Revel growing into the best human you can be in every mind, body and soul way.

Because that’s why we are here — to live, work, love and grow

Guided by God’s loving light

Figuring out how to love sow.

Chaplain Tamar/Coach Tammy


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