You Don’t Remember


You don’t remember the Spanish flu of 1918 because you were not yet alive —

Or the polio epidemic that struck every summer before 1955.

You don’t recall the Bubonic Plague between 1347-1351 — it was NOT good.

It wiped out 200 MILLION humans — not to be misunderstood.

HIV/AIDS continues to destroy lives every day and kill

Between 1981 and now there’s no vaccine or HIV/AIDS fix-it pill.

Malaria kills worldwide a child every two minutes —

It’s been killing adults and children since the 1880s.

I could go on and on with all these illnesses and plague numbers —

The point is you’re not immune to COVID-19’s plunders.

It’s killing people of all ages, both sick and fit —

Democrats, Republicans, nurses, doctors — to all it equally transmits —

A virus so virulent and contagious in its ways

It can live on metal and glass surfaces up to five days.

So please, my friends, neighbors and family, please hear me as I pray

Please don’t rush to return to life as it was in pre-COVID-19 yesterdays;

Because if you do, you may find yourself six feet under . . .

Along with your neighbor, your child, your sister or mother.

Chaplain Tamar/Coach Tammy



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Life’s Fragility


Now is the best time ever to learn just to “be”

The soul God created us for on this earthly key.

To put on our masks and wash our hands . . .

Not make any great big, adventurous plans.

No circumnavigating the globe;

Instead, it may be the perfect time to disrobe . . .

. . . the heart and the soul that God put into our trust

When He created us in the heavens from His glorious stardust

By focusing on our souls, our family and community

Developing hobbies, bonding and helping one another in unity

For we are one tiny global human family

COVID-19 taught us of our oneness and life’s fleeting fragility.

Chaplain Tamar/Coach Tammy




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A Prayer for the Workers on the COVID-19 Frontlines



Dear God,

Please bless and keep the doctors, the nurses, aides, and all on the front lines,

Keep them healthy and ever-hopeful, finding strength throughout their days

For they are our soldiers navigating this pandemic landmine.

Please be their captain, engine, oars, and help them sail through this maze.

Carry them when their hearts and souls question whether it is time to resign.

Send their angels to them and help them through each and every phase;

So they can look back and know that with You, they helped save humankind.


Chaplain Tamar/Coach Tammy



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A Pandemic Prayer

deer looking at me in woods 4.19

Dear Creator of All Things,

Please help humanity come together as one loving human race

To fight this pandemic that is devastating the Earth’s state.

Help us be kind to one another: Considerate, full of love

Help us never take one day of life for granted — no matter our age.

Help us be One as we fight this 2020 plague.

Help us be strong as it tests our resolve.

Help our scientists understand and rapidly solve . . .

The mystery of its movement and devastation that it brings

Enabling a vaccine so that we may all sing:

The joys of being One beautiful humanity

Returning to life with no more pandemic insanity.

Chaplain Tamara/Tammy



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Universal Oneness

Beautiful view of ware ma reservoir

We are one, the human race

Living, sharing this Earthly space.

Our skin all colors

Our religions a blend

Faith, hope, and love most religions extend.

Yet we can’t seem to live in peace

And love and care for one another with grace.

I ask you now why in that we fail?

Why we humans continue to daily derail

God’s hope for us to live as one.

When in actuality we are all His children beneath one sun.

This is truth and this is fact; you know this truth is not an act.

We come from God, thus we are kin.

Yet hate grows like weeds — a horrific human sin.

We must find a way to truly heal

The hearts of those who use hate to steal

The blessings of this Earthly life

Murdering innocents: children, husbands, wives.

Brainwashing toddlers to hate their neighbor

Rejecting love and oneness, and instead in hate labor.

God knows that we are absolutely able

To stop the hate and stop the labels.

We are not black, red, yellow or white.

This journey is not about color or religion — but rather about life.

Life as spirits on a physical journey

Learning to recognize one thing, and one thing only:

We are one — you and I.

All God’s children — His little human butterflies.

Chaplain Tamar/Coach Tammy


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Nursing Home Adventures

photo for adventures in nursing home blog post

Arriving I see our elders, our wise

Batting balloons with wet noodles — yup, exercise!

In the next room I hear a Bingo game

A winner rings out — and then a name.

Out back volunteers help to plant seeds

Parsley and mint — grown at God’s speed.

In yet another room — I can’t tell which

A priest is providing the Sacrament of the Sick.

These places are like a pot of soup: A cup of smiles, a pinch of tears,

Gladness mixed with dying fears.

Didn’t know before I started this work

Some of the most sweet turn into quite unhappy books.

And yet, another big surprise

Is how so many transform into amazing butterflies;

Going from awful in everything before;

Changing with age — as though innocence restored.

Suddenly caring about everyone

Wanting to help, leaving out none.

At first glance, one may not really see

That God seems to give so many the opportunity to be

The best person they can be, even at this stage

Not that we all necessarily get to turn this page.

But what we do when we move from walking to wheelchairs,

With our bifocals, briefs and newly gifted teddy bears

Is an adventure for each of us to decide

As we learn to accept our old bodies and navigate this elder ride.

A time when we are forced to leave our homes behind

The things we acquired when we were on the outside.

But all is not lost, for here lies the chance to be

Even better before we return to God at exactly His speed.

Chaplain Tamar/Coach Tammy


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Fur Babies

Fur babies (2)

I love my fur babies, oh, yes I do,

Doesn’t matter the crazy things they put me through.

They were created for one very hard job

To be four-legged unconditional love-dogs.

If that isn’t a heavy burden to bear

I don’t know what is, but I know they do care.

Whenever I’m not feeling well,

They climb in my lap and make my heart swell.

So if you have had a rough and tumble day

Go for a walk, pet some pups and you’ll be able to say:

Fur babies must be heaven-sent

Earth angels for a time before their ascent

Into that heavenly place reserved for dogs-only

Where squeeky toys and balls roll and no dog is ever lonely.

Chaplain Tamar


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Preparing . . .

Tammy with Dad at Jonathan's wedding

On the plane heading back

Preparing to see how I will hack

Seeing my dear father’s decline

Surprised to arrive and actually find

That he was better than I had envisioned

Grateful and hopeful that he will keep livin’

Till my heart and soul feel able

To give him permission to return to God’s table.

Knowing that his future is not in my hands.

Praying that God will give him more time on Earth’s lands.

Gotta just say that hug and kiss before leavin’

Caused my tears to well up and my soul to start grievin’

For I know not what is God’s plan

For my little father, now a tiny old man.

Thankful for this chance to once again say:

I love you, Dad, in spite of everything, today and every day.

Chaplain Tamar/Coach Tammy


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No Such Thing as “Goodbye”

amazing sun ring ware ma january 2020 2

As I sit alongside my dying patient’s bed

I may sing a quiet song to comfort him.

I may offer presence in perfect silence,

A prayer,  psalm or blessing that enables soul balance . . .

Whatever I can offer that may fill him up with peace

As he prepares to meet God and his kin in heaven’s space.

I always try hard not to weep or cry,

For I know my last seeing of him is never “goodbye.”

It’s simply a last seeing of him right here

Until the day our paths cross in the next hemisphere;

For our souls are pure energy and cannot be destroyed,

Thus we can’t just disappear into some black, empty void.

We must all move on to our soul’s new home place

Where we live on eternally thanks entirely to God’s grace;

And it is while we are there that we all come to know one thing:

There is no such thing as “goodbye,” beneath God’s loving wings.

Chaplain Tamar/Coach Tammy




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Prayer for a New Year

sunset 8 in ware ma 2020.jpg

May the light of the One

That illumines all souls

Illuminate our path throughout this new year.

May that light enable us all to love and be loved

And to grow that love

Into the World the One knows

We are capable of growing.


Chaplain Tamar


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