Body Parts Blessing


May you be blessed with . . .

eyes that see the good both inside and outside of people;

with ears that do not simply hear, but listen to what others have to say;

with a nose that detects sincerity;

with lips that speak honestly;

with a heart that beats without duress;

with a mind the recognizes the frailty of the body

And a soul that understands the temporariness of all this.

May all these bring you a life of love, happiness, and gratitude,

For you have been blessed, but only you can make your life a blessing.

Chaplain Tamar/Life Coach Tammy



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You may not feel your work fulfills you

That’s all right, ‘cuz there’s so much more to you.

Don’t let your job be your identity

At the end of the day, live life fully.

Go outside and ride your bike,

Bake a cake or roast a steak.

Play with your child,

Let your inhibitions go wild.

Find fulfillment in the little things

‘Cuz that’s what makes life worth living

The sweet little joys that make our hearts sing.

Chaplain Tamar/Life Coach


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Rock Blessing

Beautiful weed field

May each rock that you make and take home today
Enable you to take with you
A sense of perfect peace
As each and every one enables you to reflect
Upon the days,
The months,
The years,
The hours and minutes
You had with your loved one.
May those reflections bring you joy
And may that joy bring you healing.

By Chaplain Tamar/Coach Tammy


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Celebration of Life Conclusory Prayer

Rachie & Grandma ElaineMay the Creator of All things Great and Small
Walk you home today and every day.
May each step along that highway
Help you live differently, yet fully;
For you have been blessed
With loving memories
That transcend death
In this journey that we call life.
By Chaplain Tamar                              12.2.17

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Blessing of the Hands

Rachie, Sari & Joshie

May the work of your hands help you grow

Into the man or woman you’ve always wanted to know;

May the person you find inside there

Hold the work of your hands oh, so dear;

For one day those hands may be stilled

And you may look back wishing you’d built

A life focused more on building a life of love

Instead of cold, hard, metallic money gloves;

For money is no replacement for love

‘Cuz love goes with you when you join God up above.

Coach Tammy/Chaplain Tamar


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Independence Day

4th of July Fireworks

Every day is Independence Day for us grown-ups.

We must earn a living,

Care for ourselves and our family,

Take care of our homes, our pets, our cars,

And strive to be as independent as possible . . .

Because so many of us live so far away from our parents, our siblings, and friends.

So celebrate every day as Independence Day

Because you are Mr., Mrs. or Ms. Independent

Not just on the 4th of July,

But every day!

And that’s worth celebrating!!!!

Coach Tammy



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You Decide

Paper AirplaneYou are the maker of the folds in your life.

You decide whether take off and give it a try

Or whether to remain grounded.

Do your homework.

Examine your options carefully.

Decide after careful planning and consideration

Which way to fold the fabric of your life

For you are the maker of your destiny.

Coach Tammy


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