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My Prayer for Israel

I pray for Israel every day For her people of all faiths and colors striving not to let terrorism keep life at bay. They deserve to be left alone, To live in peace and security within their own homes. They … Continue reading

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God Cries, “Never Again!”

India’s borders were drawn based upon its Hindu-majority population No one claims it has no right to exist Pakistan’s borders were drawn based upon its Muslim-majority population No one claims it has no right to exist Hundreds of thousands die … Continue reading

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Eyes Wide Open

The P5+1 agreed to a plan that will provide a clear path to nuclear weapons to  the world’s largest terror-sponsoring nation, Iran, How silly No one would do that With Eyes Wide Open Iran’s Supreme Leader then publishes a 416-page manifesto setting forth … Continue reading

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The Time Has Come

The time has come For the world to recognize That Jews are not apes or pigs but human beings who, like everyone else seek an opportunity to live work love marry raise a family and grow old Like everyone else they … Continue reading

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