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The Happiness Career

  If we all were to make¬†striving for happiness our life’s career, Our occupation would become as irrelevant as gum on the bottom of our shoe, Because whether we love or hate our job, Our lifetime career goal of Happiness … Continue reading

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Hands are For holding For hugging For working For playing And doing good deeds. Take good care of them, For they are wondrous tools. Never take them for granted, For one day, they may no longer do what you want … Continue reading

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It Matters

What we say matters. What we do matters. What we don’t say matters. What we don’t do matters. Make everything you do and say matter By always thinking before you speak, And thinking before you do; Because once you do … Continue reading

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Be Kind

Be kind to yourself, and everyone you know. Be kind to all creatures, and everything that grows. Breathe kindness when you work, and kindness when you play, And discover how sweet kindnesses ¬†will steer good things your way. Coach Tammy … Continue reading

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