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Toads, I always liked these knobby blobby guys Even now as they’ve begun to sit on our doorstep at night &¬†catch us by surprise. So now at night when we open up the door We know immediately to absolutely check … Continue reading

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Happy Dog

Isn’t it odd How a little fury thing that often hems and haws Can, in the blink of an eye, Make your heart as mushy as apple pie When he looks at you With loving eyes so true And brings … Continue reading

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Lovin’ Lickers

There’s nothin’ quite like a dog Who greets you at the door With licky face And happy hugs Spinning round and round No clock to tell him You’ve been gone Just a little while But ‘cuz he missed you oh, … Continue reading

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Neighborly Connections

‘Tis our neighbors with dogs whom we know best We’re all out walking, for that is our dog’s quest Now that seems great on sunny days But when it’s snowing, our dogs get dismayed Their paws get cold and filled … Continue reading

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Our Doggy Darling

Our doggy is our darling

He thinks that he’s our kid

But that’s all right, ‘cuz really

We treat him like he truly is

After rough and tough days working

He greets us with a kiss

What more could we ask for

From our furry Little Bliss Continue reading

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