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Thanks – Giving – Thanks

  Thank You, Creator, for placing us here Together As one From year to year Thank You, Creator, for Your foods that sustain us Together As one From year to year Thank You, Creator, for every life For helping each … Continue reading

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The Battle for the Right to be You

In June of 2015 The Palestinian Center for Public Opinion Conducted a poll of Palestinians living in Jerusalem And discovered that 52% of them indicated They would prefer to be citizens of Israel Whether they held that opinion Because Arafat embezzled … Continue reading

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May Your Wishes be a Blessing

May your wishes be a blessing for you and all the world May those blessings bring you happiness like an ice cream cone swirl May those wishes become reality that help repair the Earth May the Earth rejoice in song for the healing that … Continue reading

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Repairing the Soul

God gave us each a unique, beautiful soul-canvas To paint as we see fit We may choose to fill it with flowers, Sunbeams, moonshine, and stars Or with hate and jealousy The makings of soul-death. Let us work to be … Continue reading

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