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Finding Happiness in Our Diversity

The beauty of diversity on Planet Earth rests in the leaves of the trees, the flowers of the yards, the birds in the skies, the fish in the sea, and the hues of our skin. Let us love, embrace, and … Continue reading

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As spring’s flowers bloom, and our allergies run amok, let us be thankful that we have lived another year, and been given the opportunity to sneeze again. By Chaplain Tamar 4.29.15

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Nature’s Poultice for our Soul

Let us care for the balm that is our forests, woods and streams, for we are their caregivers, and they our healer — nature’s poultice for our souls. Chaplain Tamar 4.27.15

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Focus as best you can on the things that make you a better woman or man, for that is why we are here in this amazing Earthly hemisphere. Chaplain Tamar 4.24.15

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Spend time with people you can trust Those who’ll be there for you in good times and bust For they’re the ones who in the end You can really, truly call your friend. By Chaplain Tamar 4.23.15

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 Life is as fragile, beautiful, and magnificent as bubbles in the breeze. Treat it thusly. Cherish it as the most important thing on Earth. And give Planet Earth and mankind a chance to survive man’s hate and greed. Chaplain Tamar … Continue reading

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Every Breath

Every breath is a gift not to be taken for granted Every moment an opportunity to love By Chaplain Tamar 4.16.15

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The Peaceful Coexistence Song

Do not hate me because I’m a Jew. My path to God should not matter to you. What matters is the person I am Kind, loving, good-hearted, hard-working and true That is the person I am, in addition to being … Continue reading

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A Unified Dream

I dream of the day when the world comes together in unity to cherish one another regardless of religion, gender or color. Share the dream . . . and pass it on. Chaplain Tamar 4.9.15

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Celebrate with all your love, with family and friends  Give of yourself your very best, so at the very end Your loved ones will have memories that live forever and a day So when you look down from up above, you can rightly … Continue reading

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