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Blessing of the Hospice Volunteers

May the work of your hands be blessed, For you are hospice’s true treasure chest. May that treasure chest that is you always be filled With all the blessings needed to never be stilled; For we hospice workers see all … Continue reading

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A Hospice Doctor’s Prayer

Dear Creator of All Things, Thank you for giving me The ability To be one of the medical instruments That helps discover my patients’ needs. Thank you for helping me Provide the medical care That my patients and their families … Continue reading

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That Final Journey “Home”

This past year as a hospice chaplain I’ve discovered a pattern In my hospice patients: So many discuss trips For which they’re preparing In dreams they have before that final journey One talked about having to set sail . . … Continue reading

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Thanks – Giving – Thanks

  Thank You, Creator, for placing us here Together As one From year to year Thank You, Creator, for Your foods that sustain us Together As one From year to year Thank You, Creator, for every life For helping each … Continue reading

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Remembering Mama

Today would have been Mama’s birthday. Next month will be 4 years since I hugged her for the last time That hug was different Because it was the last Because I couldn’t stop crying Because I couldn’t imagine life without her … Continue reading

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Full Circle

As babies, we know nothing of the world but the people around us. As youth, we expand and discover the world beyond our families. As adults, we work hard to build the world and make it our home. As seniors, … Continue reading

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Seeing God

The things which have most meaning are the things we cannot see
Like God and love and empathy, so what does that really mean?
Continue reading

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Social Media

Social media is a very odd, strange thing Offering people opportunities to share very good and sometimes very, very bad things People could use it to build a world filled with love Yet so many are choosing instead to use … Continue reading

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