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Blessing for our Pets

May the Lord watch over you As you watch over us. May the Lord continue to bless you As He’s blessed us with you. May the Lord keep you happy and healthy So you can keep us happy and healthy, … Continue reading

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Interpreting Dog-Speak

My dog, so fuzzy, old and slow Wants me to understand When he stands up and looks at me What he wants to say A glass of water? A snack? A walk? I wish I knew just what Try the … Continue reading

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The Icing on the Cake

The icing on the cake is sometimes a show-stopper But it’s the cake underneath that makes the taste buds rocker So dig in nice and slowly, one bite at a time And get to know the piquant, sometimes surprisingly sublime … Continue reading

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Just too Cute!

Baby bunnies are adorable, I know that this is true So are baby hedgehogs, pink and curlicue And those baby little pandas, how can they even be So white and black and fuzzy, and they can’t even see And then … Continue reading

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Neighborly Connections

‘Tis our neighbors with dogs whom we know best We’re all out walking, for that is our dog’s quest Now that seems great on sunny days But when it’s snowing, our dogs get dismayed Their paws get cold and filled … Continue reading

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Days . . .

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Pets are the Perfect Medicine Because Their Side Effects are Good for You: They Lower Your Blood Pressure and Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease

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