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As a hospice chaplain I find that I just love the people and families to whom I tend. And catch myself getting attached. So when my patients do make that final journey “home,” It is then that I realize How … Continue reading

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Oldy but Goody

Oldies but goodies Are who you either are today Or who you will be God willing One day. So be good to your oldy but goody Friends, Relatives, Teachers, Mentors, Coaches And strangers, Because before you turn around, You’ll be … Continue reading

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Now is the Time

With all the terror, War and strife, And accidents that suddenly take life Now is the time To tell those you love Everything you’ve always wanted to tell them But never have. Tell them: How much you love them, How … Continue reading

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A Holiday Reflection for Hospice

As the holiday season approaches, we all strive to prepare For our own family’s needs, for which we are well aware What isn’t quite as easy, is knowing what to say and do For each of our patients and their … Continue reading

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Be a Blessing

Live life intent on growing your soul into the best God-light it can be, and you will surely be a blessing. Chaplain Tamar 10.20.15

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Every Day I Hope & Pray

Every day I hope and pray that (wo)mankind will look inside his/her soul and find the compassion, empathy and love That Our Maker filled our souls with at birth. The compassion we need to each recognize Our sameness. The empathy … Continue reading

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Religion & the Sword

Paths of the¬†sword that man claims are what G-d wants in seeking our Creator are man’s evil inclination and nothing more for G-d is LOVE We discover this ultimately when we¬†journey back to Heaven to rejoin Our Creator We hear … Continue reading

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